My Paternal Line, from Francois De La Chaumette, born 1500, to Me. Yup, Furry , Unkempt, Ornery Ol’ Me. #DeLaChaumetteGenealogy #becominglachaumette

It took 40 yrs of searching, but the mystery was solved last summer, of the paternal line of my father… not only did I learn the name of my paternal grandfather, and by Western standards, that of my family name, but a lineage back to 1500, just like that.

My descent goes, 1, 2, 3, 5, 12, 25, 32

#32, John dela Shoemate/Shumate, b 1708, was the father of

Daniel Shumate, b 1734, father of,

Mark Hardin Shumate, b 1758, father of,

Nathan Hardin Shumate, b 1810, father of,

James Karnes Polk Shumate, b 1843, father of,

Chester Earl Shumate, b 1882, father of,

Earl James(James Earl)Shumate, b 1917, father of,

Max Wayne Madden, b 1942, father of



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