Lil Mama Traumatizes, Terrorizes Really, Her Meds and Vitamins #terrorizingmeds

She gets them out, pulls the doses out and puts them in a cup, the lot of them. Both vitamins and her medications, in the bottom of a juice cup.

Now, she doesn’t do so well with pills, really hates taking them. That is why she gathers them in a cup, and takes them with her as she gets ready for work, trying to take one at a time as she goes. She reasons if she puts her dailies in a cup, she won’t get confused and take something twice. It works, at least for that.

Now, it is not like she is taking a handful of pills, 4 or 5.. maybe six, but its vitamins, supplements, and a prescription or two.

Problem is, we have three kids, all of which are clamoring for mommy’s time as she gets ready. Mommy works nights, so they are eager to get some mommy time before she leaves for the night.

So mommy gets side tracked taking her pills. They get left in the kitchen, the bedroom, on the porch.

It is nit uncommon for me to come around the corner, with her cup in hand, rattling the pills together like a weak maraca, to tease her, and entice her, playfully, as if they were cat treats or something.

Other times, I will find the cup, sitting in the kitchen after she has left for work, not one pill having been taken.

I like to joke with her, that her difficulty taking pulls has caused her to hate, and now torture and persecute, those very pills. Putting them in a cup, threatening to take them. Start to take them stop. Put the cup down. Grab cup again, and start picking off one pill at a time, making his little buddy pills watch you take them , toss them down her gullet, one at a time!

Savage really, simply saavage…




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