Taste The Rainbow #asthepoleturns

“You know you wanna taste the rainbow baby!”

Was the retort of a stripper named Rainbow, after being verbally, and colorfully admonished by her DJ, for her general flakiness…

“No dear, no…” chuckled the DJ,

“Given the varied and sundry cocks that have ridden that rainbow, i have absolutely no desire to taste it.

(As the crowd goes Ohhhh!)

“Dont get me wrong babe, yer right, deep down, I think I probably would, I mean yeah, I have imagined it, I am sure it would be a good time fucking you, I do.

I am sure I would love even more to throat fuck you til tou couldn’t speak for a week…

(More ohhhhing from the crowd)

“but no, taste your rainbow, dear? Not a chance…”

And right on cue, a song break, and the DJ grabs the mic, goes into that voice, and waves Skittles off like Ruby Rodd in “5th Element”

D, d, di, di, didididididi… shoo!


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