Your Union Gives You The Biggest Dick At The Table, For God’s Sake, Swing It Miners! #unionstrong

Miners, ya think they are so tough.and

maybe, in ways, they are pretty tough.

Sure act like they are tough.

But some, not all, are sorely lacking…

and it is those whiny shits I reference here.

The ones talkin shit about there union

. Instead of showing how tough they are,

in a worthwhile struggle,

they scatter and run like a little bitches.

Backbite and slack.

At least the ones around here.

They are so buffaloed

by the fucking suits

they don’t realize

that at that negotiating table

they got the biggest dick

in the fucking room

it’s called the union

there so Buffaloed

they are afraid to fucking use it!

their afraid to use solidarity

Afraid to use the power of numbers

Against the power of bean counters

afraid to use the biggest dick in the room

The union.

The fucking union

because they have been buffaloed,


by slick suits,

armed with money,


into being afraid

of their own power


of their own interests,

their own rights


Of themselves.

It is like,

they enjoy


that corporate fascist boot.

like they believe

They deserve no better


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