Cease To Venture Out

If you add the humiliation of having to beg… to the infirmity…. it becomes too much. A reward no longer worthy of the struggle.

If you make a man say excuse me, or pardon me 20 times a day, to simply exist, they will simply cease to venture out.

What I am talking about, is the willfully rude, or oblivious.

The man with a cane, the woman in a wheelchair, do they really have to say excuse me to EVERY person they encounter on the sidewalk?

Like those that are approaching, and have already made eye contact, can see the person needing a little more space, or some extra care? When they willfully crowd the disabled, or glare and dare them not to beg for consideration?

Yes, this type of douche-baggery is out there, indeed, it is common place

The bullies that take an opportunity to make difficulty for others, to assuage the pain of their own difficulties?

The humiliation of having to admit that you are less than, that you need mercy, that you are different. Once is hard enough, ya wanna do it all day?

Admit that you’re helpless, dozens of times a day can wear, wear on a man or woman.

After a while, the candy bar or a pack of cigarettes not worth the humiliation

It only takes one jack ass, to make you say excuse me three times, to just make you want to go home for the day.

It is the same, or similar, if the infirmity is hearing. for the hearing impaired, It is largely the same.

every time I have to say

excuse me I didn’t hear that to a

Mumbler or a murmurer

it’s frustrating

it’s embarrassing to have to admit that your damaged

that you’re less than

I hate to have to ask somebody to speak up, and after asking someone to speak up enough times,

you simply quit bothering,

stop trying to listen to them,

cease to engage with them out of embarrassment or frustration.

not because they’re not interesting

because it’s embarrassing to have to interrupt and ask them to repeat themselves.

So you simply stop listening to them. You will avoid them actually.

which is unfortunate they might be somebody quite interesting but I the embarrassment isn’t worth it

You will eventually start avoiding social circumstances altogether, because there are lots of mumblers and murmurers out there.

That, or spend alot of time in loud social circumstances, like nightclubs, parties, sporting events, where speaking up , or even yelling, is the norm.

that was my tack..,, but it was a tack, that led to the hearing problem being exacerbated.

Of course, what else would Murphy have done to me?

Eventually though, at least for me, that clubbin and crowd shit starts to get old.

And that reality, that humiliation, becomes more real, more unavoidable, more apt, to shut you in.


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