Ducky New Device #AllDayUrrahDay #FreshBakedDaily #siliconepipereview

Finally got myself one of those silicone pipes… and oh yes, in Oregon Duck colors baby!

Now, with no real bend in the neck to ash catch, you do get s tasty dose of carbon once in a while.

For some, like my wife, that is a deal breaker. Me? I don’t mind scoobies so much, just a little more fiber in my diet, lord knows i need it.

Now, those flaming micro comets ya sometimes get, there’s no love for here, oh no, those suck, but just a little carbon hitting the teeth, no biggy.

But the payoff being a pipe you dont break, that can be smushed and smashed in your backpack or pocket, without being shattered. Makes a little grit worth it.

I can fold and twist the thing, i can even snap the little rubber lid on it, and throw the thing at the wall. No damage, don’t even lose your bowl, thanx to the lid.

the bowl, is, supposedly, titanium, metal, not glass anyway, but hey. I mean, when my glass pipe breaks, I am reduced to some old screw together aluminum pipe, so who we kidding?

Will I get rid of my glass pipes? Hell no, I will just he extending those glass pipes lives, by using “Dubber Rucky” , here, as a more, daily, durable smoker.

Anyhow, i like it. It hits hard, and has no narrow spots to clog up, and slow the roll of your bowl.

It is idiot, clumsy, and whirling dervish Kids barreling by unannounced, proof. Drop proof, throw on the ground proof.

And, last but not least, it was only five bucks!


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