Why, Dig Me Out Of My Own Hole, My, “I am an ‘ASS’, Hole, Anymore?

So, when life seems to be just a series of potholes, ya just cant seem to dig yourself out of the hole

The I am an, ASS… hole

When it just seems to be a relentless pattern

When you realize, that, even though all you want

Is a hand up, not a handout.

When you swallow pride

When you beg

And that one person, that person you can count on,

consistently is there, has your back, is there to bail you out, or at least try

And good lord are you grateful

That one good friend

But eventually, you start to wonder,

Why is only one of my old friends still invested in me?

Why, does it seem that no matter how many times you may need help,

its only that one guy. That one good friend

For me, I am now wondering, Whats his problem?

Why hasnt he given up on my worthless ass?

Why is he still wasting his time?

I mean, the general consensus is I am not worth the time, the resources,

So why is this guy still there?

Am I some curse, some albatros around his neck?

Seriously, I am an ass and a failure, a Bart Simpson had he grown up.

That guy that was a riot back in the day, and was worth it when i was valuable to them. But, I got nothin to offer now.

Everybody else has determined my value non existent

They aren’t getting themselves into bar fights, or poorly planned crimes, that they need help getting out of.

In short….. they moved on….. got grounded….

me? I’m still spinning my wheels, and everybody knows it.

Except that one guy


I mean, I am grateful, but why?


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