Don’t Expect Any Better Out Of Them This Century…

The overtness has changed, but the policy, and practice, has not

And as if late, the overtness is growing again, no longer the fringe that can be written off, but increasingly, the sentiment is being openly advocated, in the mainstream.

Not just the Skins, with tacit approval of the wacko, white, Southern, evangelicals, it is seeping into suburban white bread middle America. To the disenfranchised, poor white populations,

Who would rather believe it is the minority with no resources fucking him at every turn, rather than his white, wealthy master. It is anathema to them, the idea that they too are slaves to the Patriarchy.

Many still hope that they will wake up…. become enlightened to the repression of the white patriarchy….

Sadly though, as history shows, even if they come around superficially, it probably wont last… they will do what they gotta do to get along…. until they don’t have to…

just look at how forward thinking Germany had been considered to be at the turn of the last century. How far they had come since their pogroms and ethnic cleansings a couple centuries earlier.

And yet, those Germans got right into lockstep, believed what the maniacs said they deserved, and actively wrnt into extermination mode, in the service of the state. In the service of their own best interest, humanity be damned.

Don’t expect any better out of them this century….


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