Remember back in the day, when we would line up old aluminum or tin cans on the fence? Who knew there was a political lesson there? #fuckthefencesitter

Remember back in the day, when we would line up old aluminum or tin cans on the fence, then step back and practice knocking them down?

What we used may have been different, rocks, dirtclods, slingshot, water, bb gun, whatever, but the object was the same, to hit the target, to knock that can off the fence.

Now , i always thought we were simply practicing our aim.

I know better now, know why our elders passed this game on, kepr allowing us to do it

I mean, how did dad talk mom into letting us throw things at all?

I know now, it wasn’t just working on our aim. No, that was to prepare us for the most dangerous adversary we eould face in life.

Not wild animals, not foreign armies, or aliens or magical rainbow farting unicorns… no

That most dangerous enemy? It is the fence sitter. Yes, the fence sitter, the vacilator. The one too afraid to stand up for what is right, would rather just get along.

No one, NO ONE, is more apt, to stab you in the back, than the fencesitter.

You watch your enemies closely, and pick your allies wisely, but those fence sitters, those wishy-washy, mealy mouthed, committed only to being on the winning side. Folks, that is where the blade in the back will come from, if you let them get close enough.

Hence the need to knock fence sitters off their seat, and quickly.

Get off the fence! Make a stand, one way or the other,or get the fuck outta dodge, dodge being within my reach. I trust my adversary more than you!


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