Sanctity Of Human Life?

No technically speaking I don’t buy into the sanctity of human life idea.

It implies that human life is more important than other life. Sanctity of life might be a problem worth trying to follow up on, but I don’t think humans deserve any sort of special privilege really.

I mean the lives Of those That will help my life and those people important to me’s lives, those lives are important. Important to me, to mine, my children, family, community.

Those lives, are of higher value

but if somebody was trying to hurt me, mine or my community, and happens to get attacked by a bear, i’m rooting for the fucking bear. Hell, I might even help the bear.

Another example,!

I am just as likely to shoot you, whether I catch you kicking my dog, or my kid.

Sanctity of life, sure, to a point. Sanctity of human life? Naw, there is no sanctity, if it so exclusive.

Doesn’t us eating, consuming, life, at all, kind of break down the whole sanctity of life anyway?

I mean unless you’re only going to eat roadkill.

Even plants are alive and yet you cut them down, mass murder, exterminate, whole fields of plants to feed another species. Where is the sanctity of life there?

Because you seem to think that that species , your species, has more right to life….. So the whole sanctity of life thing, of human life, is, well, just sanctimonious I guess.

All life has value, and all life is worthless

they are one of the same.

#alllifehasvalue #alllifeisworthless

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