Household Leveled By The Flu #dadlife #dadsquad #drdaddy

Wow…. the flu has hit our household, and hard.

Milo started showing symptoms Saturday evening, and we were monitoring and regulating his nasty little fever most of Sunday. He didnt complain at all, no real discomfort, just a l bit lethargic for Milo, and a fever

Mommy started to show some symptoms Sunday Night, though she had more discomfort, and some vomitting…

By Monday morning, Avi and little sister Aeshna had joined the sickout crew

We have docs appts for all of them Wednesday. In the meantime, i am the sole tree in the forest left standing

Like some drunken loggers clearcut, a lonely tree, missed, and left to stand there, naked in the wind.

Of course, this lone survivor is now running around like a combat medic, taking temperatures, dumping puke bins, getting waters and juices, and hoping like hell at least two of them get well enough to function, before the flu gets me.

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