Kitty Farted! Not Really…. #dadlife #dadsquad # fartgame

Kitty farted! Said lil miss Aeshna Jaxx

This was her answer, when the overwhelming smell of diaper hit me like a wall as I entered my room. My “Good gawd little girl, what is that smell?” Elicited that as a reply…

“Kitty farted”

Yup, classic fart game, from a 3 year old.

She was trying to play it straight faced… started admonishing kitty for farting, even going into the “oo wee that stinks kitty!’, and “what have you been eating kitty”‘ while waving the smell away from her nose.

I ask her” you sure that isnt you, princess poopy butt?”

Boldfaced and bluff worthy, she replies, “nope dad, that was kitty, I heard her, she farted”

By now my wife and I are busting up laughing, but to no avail, she was sticking with the story, describing where kitty was, and even what it sounded like….

Amazing….. my mother, the Queen of the fart game, reincarnate….

Yeah, my mom wad the type that would rollup the windows and autolock them, in preparation for a big juicy, yet generally silent, fart.

Yeah, silent, deadly. The only warning was the locking of windows and doors. Yes doors, doors had been opened in the past, while high speed on the highway, to escape the fumes of queen noxicita, believe me. She wasn’t leaving that escape option available

You knew, if mom was driving, and the autolock popped, it was already too late, grab your sweatshirt, and hope it is thick enough to protect you til dissipation.

So my mom, if not reincarnated, is sitting on little Aeshna Jaxx’s shoulder, whispering, ” Now go do this sweetie, watch yer Daddy’s head explode!”

Love you Mom…..



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