Adjust The Method, To The Student, This One Is A Character! #dadlife #AdjustTheMethod #danacarvey #secretlifeofpets #poopoowithadashofcaca

Working with the white board has done wonders for Milo, and my attempts to teach Milo, Milo’s way, are evolving.

He was working on some cartoons, and asked me to write in his cartoon’s speech/thought bubble, like his brother has done for him recently.

Daddy, on the other hand, out Milo to work, and we both had aha moments.

What are the words he wants in the bubble? Poopoo with a dash of caca… thank you Dana Carvey, and The Secret Life Of Pets…..

Yup, poopoo and caca…. the first whole words the boy is writing of his own volition, from his own thought process, to illustrate his own ideas, his funny cartoon.

Poop. Caca. Number three, turns out to be fart, for the scatological trifecta.

If there is a comedian amongst my three children, my money is on Milo.



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