Did You Hear That? $75 Ounces, at Nature’s Wonder, Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Apache Junction, Arizona. #NaturesWonder #75dollaroz #$75oz #medicalmarijuana

On our way to Payson the other day, we stopped in Apache Junction, Arizona, to check out a dispensary, thus killing two birds with one stone. Saved us a separate trip to the dispensary, by getting a stop in on our road trip.

REALLY glad We did…. $75 dollar ounces of White Widow…. now you old schoolers remember the White Widow…. let me tell you… baby girl aint changed!

Yeah, we had three dispensaries on google maps, so glad we picked this one. Fun friendly staff, no line at all, granted it was lunchtime on Monday. Was in and out pretty quick, even with the first time customer paperwork.

And, I believe his name was Menno, was really helpful. Totally recommend anybody on the East side of Phoenix, to make this little trip for your meds. I mean, I came from Mammoth fer chrissakes!

Website: http://natureswonderaj.com/

facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/NaturesWonderAJ/


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