Beef With STATE of Israel Is NOT Anti Semitism #antishittygovernmentnotantisemite

Having beef with the State of Israel is NOT having beef with Israelíes, or their religion. It is Anti Shitty Government, not Anti Semitic.

Neither by religious or political standards, nor by practice, do I qualify as Jewish….. and yet, Hebrew I am, on multiple genealogical lines. Sephardi, Ashkenazi… both apocryphally and verified by DNA. There is also Amizigh, from North Africa in there, perhaps even Hebrew and Carthaginian in that mix as well.

As such, I have as much skin in the game, as any other descendant of immigrants, when it comes to having fondness for, and, having criticisms of, the ‘Old Country’. As Americans, we generally have multiple homelands to pine for.

That means I pay attention to Israel. I cheer for Israel when she does well, and I chastise when she does wrong.

It also means, that I pay attention to the Palestinian people. No, not because they are there so much, in that that space. It is part of it, but not the real driver.

No, I care about the plight of the Palestinians, because they too are my cousins, my kin, just as the Ashkenaz and Sephardi are. And not just because of the genetic minglings in the land of Canaan, of Israel, of Palestine.

You see, the Phoenicians had a Diaspora of sorts too. Byblos begat Carthage… and both Phoenicians AND Jews went there, thrived there, yet refused to forget or forsake the homeland.

As such, my draw, my care, my feelings for the Holy Land run deep, and are multi tendrilled. This is not some burning, Evangelical Christian need to see Israel fulfill its role in some “end of days prophecy”, some insane desire for the Christian Armageddon to get going. No, my concern is real, deep and agonizing….. These are human beings, not some prophecy from a book!!

So go ahead douchenozzle, go ahead and call ME an Anti Semite….

Talk about a time to stay in your own fucking lane!!!

White Nationalist Klan Sycophants calling out Bigotry in others…. smh


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