Blast From The Past, Old Article On Club Hollywood in Eugene, Oregon Surfaces. My Name (Though Mis-Spelled)Even Appears! #clubhollywood #wheresdaveparish #eugeneregisterguard #eugeneoregon

This here was a club I was involved with way back in the day. I say involved, because ‘worked there’ just doesn’t cover it. I mean, I helped build the place, literally. It had been an empty shell, with a storefront office and staircase to loft office above, thats it. We built the bathrooms, the walls, the stages, the ramps, bars, dj booths, every fucking thing.

And, we did it in secret, cuz half of also were employed, during construction, by the competitor club. The competitor club, that we quickly pit out of business, after our opening…. poor Sergio, poor Jeff Cole…. price ya pay for not recognizing talent….

Anyhow, this was the write up, back in the day, by the Eugene Register-Guard…….

Yeah, I was pretty good at that shit back in the day…. bittersweet that the quote there is from Donovan Rubio, is it weird that I take comfort in his respect, and that of the other outsiders and gang bangers?

….. too bad Parish returned 3 of the five cameras, keeping the outdoor hardware in place, so it appeared that there were still cameras outside…. I mean, they were a deterrent, but still…

Dave was a bit of a huckster, a snake oil salesman….. Thats why I made the fucker pay me in cash from day 1…..

As to where Dave Parish is….. last I heard he was running from international law… living in the islands, Vanaatu or something like it…. peddling some bogus std cure.. and of course still hustling investors to open clubs and defraud them….

Any damn way, nice trip down memory lane…

thank you Jon Smith, for posting up the article pics

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