Mookie and Milo Couch Time… Yeah, Mookie Gets A Second Chance At Coming Inside….

Mizz Mookie got to be inside for a few days…. no, not die to the cold….. due to the ‘hell no we dont want any puppies!’ position this family is in.

Yup, in heat….. worse, or decade plus decrepit dirty old man of a Chow Shepherd rescue, Lou, wont leave her be….. worse, he had been getting medication for his bad hips, he walks more like a tripod…. this medication has has improved his mobility, enough to keep trying to achieve the impossible dream…..

he just whines when we lock him up, howls really, so we had to bring her inside lest he break a hip!

she went out of heat finally….. now Lou can barely walk….

She fid do alot better, being inside. She might just get to be an indoor dog yet…


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