Beach On Planet Claire

To the beach

The view

Takes me there

To the B-52’s

Planet Claire

Back to dances

And bonfire parties

To midnight drives

And darkened clubs

To quarries

And clearcuts

To Warehouses

And flops

To shimmy

To shake

To robot

To break

To dancing

Without feet

To slamming

Without fighting

To sweaty energy

And kinetic fun

To common bonds

And awkward sums

To wallflowers

And solo dancers

Mirrors, chairs

And shaking


To big hair

And aqua-net

Black nails

And pierced boys

To bright colors

And surfer chic

To sockless shoes

And long bangs

For the meek

To cheap beer

And California Coolers

To hunch punch

and poached pills

To shrooms

And jungle juice

Turning wheels

To fat joints

And meth

Off of tape cases

To love


And teeth

Still in braces

99 bracelets

And holy jeans

Pilfered cigarettes

And movie star


Hopes and dreams

Not yet crushed

Creative minds

Not compressed

To mush

Yes back

Back to

Planet Claire

Have we

Figured out yet

How to get there?

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