99% Of Planets Population Could Double Their Wealth If….

Let me see if I got this math right…. the top 1% owns half of the worlds 280 trillion dollars of wealth. Half, 140 trillion of that rests with the 1%.

That means 99% of the population is existing on half that wealth, 140 trillion.

Parse that a little further…… if that 1% wasnt there suddenly…… everybody in the world, everyone, could double their portion of that wealth. Even without making adjustments, EVERYBODY’s standard of living, available portion of the pie…. would double!

without the insatiable parasitic uber rich…. all of civilization, the planet and all of its creatures…. how much better off would they be?

Well, at least, at least twice as good as they are now…. right?

Without their Machiavellian machinations over eons, how much better off , would society as a whole be?

How much better could we be, both right now, and into the future, if we, culled the herd, but of the true parasitic problem? That 1% devouring HALF the resources?

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