A Libberry, Dad! #dadlife

Was that a libbery dad?


A libberry.

What is that?

A libberry! She said again, starting to get frustrated with me

I don’t understand sweetie, do you mean liberty?

No dad! Lib burr reeee!

This went on for a minute or two, with no comprehension on my part, and building frustration on hers.

Then it dawned on me, the neighbor had been having some trouble with the alarm on his truck. It had been beeping, like they do sometimes when the battery is dead.

I realized, it HAD sounded a little like the back up beeps of a delivery truck. She had heard the noise, and was asking me if it had been a DE liv Ery!


I asked her, was it a delivery? Like FedEx?

Yes dad, a libberry….


Yeah, LIBBERY dad! and then she sauntered off.

Yeah dad a libberry, what the fuck else could it be? Are ya dumb?

thats what I heard….


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