Patterns, Fascism 101. #impeach45 #impeachtrump #seethepatternnow

During the campaign, he encouraged his supporters to assault his opponents, he he offered to pay their legal fees… attacks started happening.

He encourages violence against his opponents again….. and bombs are delivered to them.

He equates the media as an enemy of the state….. and a newsroom is shot up.

He declares liberal factions of his opponents, are financing the “caravan” of migrants….. and a Synagogue providing relief aid to the immigrants gets shot up.

He states his militant followers are only going to take so much, then it will be bad, very bad…… and 50 people are slaughtered, in his fucking name, in a mosque in New Zealand…

And these are only the publicized ‘successes’…..

This is the very definition of a pattern.


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