What’s Going On At The Whitehouse Aint Anarchy. Chaos, Yes, Fascism, Yes. Anarchy? Far From It.

My answer to a fella, misusing the term, Anarchy, in reference to the chaos brewing in the White House…,

Though I agree with you whole heartedly, I would suggest you change your boogyman term. This is far from Anarchy… anarchy, in current mainstream thought, is nothing more than a boogyman term for angry, disenfranchized white people, so the suburbanites wont recognize their commonality with this new gang problem. That is propaganda, not what Anarchy truly is.. No True anarchist craves power… in fact, once there is a leader, it is no longer anarchy, it is fascism. So fascism, oligarchism, cronyism… Nationalism… but not anarchy…

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