The Taming Of The Fro’, Yo! #dadlife #GoldenFro #lookatthoseeyes

Ahh yes, little man here was in need of some landscaping here… not that I don’t love his little fluffy fro… but we all hate combing it out. He, is very ready, his idea… granted, his brother was getting a cut and color, but still, his idea. And he turned down the splash of color offered… nope… just wanted a short cut.

Funny though, when mommy kept showing him short haircuts, she failed to realize tht they were all pics of boys with straight hair. He drove her crazy few minutes, as he was turning down every option.. he finally looked at her and said, I cant look like that, looking at her eith his are you freakin nutz look.

That is when it dawned on her, she added curly to google…. and he stopped looking at her like she was a moron… victory right? When the kid stops looking at you like a crazy person?

But yeah, he was ready for a more managesble cut, eager even.

I mean, he is our rock hound, up to his knees in the duck pond, walking dustball in the desert…. combing out his hair, it is just painful… maybe when he gets older, and stops liking to throw dirt in the air, we can try growing it out again… if he wants it…

If not, I have the pictures to prove it later… some pretty stunning shots, IfI say so myself!

#dadlife #GoldenFro #lookatthoseeyes

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