Pool Score At Thrift Store! #GoldenGoose #dadlife #dadscore #thriftstorescore #dadhack #dadsquad

Super score from The Golden Goose (#GoldenGoose), Pretty good sized kids pool, and one that doesnt need to be inflated! No, inflating it isnt the problem, plenty of hot air here… I could here ya thinking it…

No the problem is keeping them puncture free and standing, floppy and uninflated, works just as well as a dead.. er… that thing that rests under the headstone that is a cowboy’s belt buckle…

This one can have a small leak, and still stand up.. hooray!!!

Kids love it, and it is patchable with ductape, or even grocery sacks, little Dutch Boy style.

Even better? It was tagged at five bucks , and all dporting goods were 50% off… so I paid $2.50! Even if it lasted just one day it would be worth $2.50… and we are working on a week so far!!!

#dadlife #dadscore #thriftstorescore #dadhack #dadsquad

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