Scars And Submersion In Copper Country. Near Kearney and Ray, Arizona #dadlife #paysonbound #coppercountry #

Driving through the Copper Corridor a couple weeks ago, on our trip to Payson, I snapped a few drive by shots of the active mining areas that we were driving thru.

I couldnt help but feel melancholy, along with my outrage.

Ya see, I had my kids along, so I was hearing their impressions, if the cool contiurs, and the gigsntic equiptment

i van remember being just as excited, just as enthralled.

Yet now, knowing the damage mining does, knowing, that the water we drink ourselves, living in the old mining town if Mammoth, is probably poison, to some measurable degree.

Knowing the abuses heaped on miners, both historically, and in the right here, right now, with the eunuch of a union they have been saddled with…. These patsies are scared to death of the Mexican Mine owners….. Cartel maybe? i dont know….

So, I am torn, as the boys ooh and ahh over the man defiled, yet fascinating, and begrugingly, beautiful in its symmetry landscape. Raped and torn assunder as it is, the kids inly see it for the patterns it has now, not the patterns from before… they dint get it… only 3, 6 and 8….do I destroy that wonder? That appreciation for, for the view, the picture? That eye for juxtaposition?

Do I let them enjoy the sights, or burden them with how awful it is? How much damage is being done? How, it could be done so much more ethically? How, if they werent screwing the workers, and bribing officials, it wouldn’t be worth the profit margin, to do such irreperable damage? Seriously, it is cheaper to mine for the new, than to recycle the old?(which is nuts)

But no, in the end, I bit my tongue on the drive. Thankfully soon enough we would be out of mine country, I thought.

Turns out little sister had her own plan when it came to taking our minds off the scarred landscape. The road is pretty twisty…. a 3 year old with carsickness won the day.

Yeah, preach another day….


Oh yeah, almost forgot

They are burying these rocky towers, that look like giant petrified ant hills, or mother natures own obelisks, giant phallic towers… and the copper mine is burying them in the tailings from their mining operations


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