My Fundamental Change To My fb Use, And A Need To Inform The Interested

So this here is an open letter, a notice of my intent and change of practices, regarding fb, for my friends and family on fb, many of whom I would not be in touch with, without fb.

I am changing how I use fb. Not leaving it, but drastically altering the way I use it. What this breaks down to, is that I will no longer be posting anything there, or at least very rarely. No politics, no poetry, no cute kids, nuthin, not on any of my various fb presences or pages I have accumulated over the years.

My blogs,

Barbary Alans Newsfeed, , a newsfeed/curated headline aggregate, a suggested reading list, if you will),


The Wild n Wooly Wordsmith blog for original works of mine, be they poetry, genealogy,photography, fiction, commentary or cute kids,

Will still be there, and posting on them will not be affected, at least not negatively. No, they will simply no longer be auto reposted to fb as in the past. And they will no longer be manually reposted either.

Reposting to my twitter presence, @AlanMaddenRose1 , will continue unaffected.

I encourage you to visit, maybe subscribe to my blogs… I mean, I think I am hilarious…

Now I will still be going on fb, perhaps even daily, I simply wont be sharing content on there anymore. I still want to see what is going on with far flung dear friends and family, and for many fb is the only place I will find them. I am good with that, and will keep up with them there.

That said, I encourage all of my family and friends, with alternate platforms for their creativity, to share them with me. I would love to see their non fb life, maybe oneof them will turn out to be a good platform for me as well.

I will also, be trying out other social media platforms as well, and will break my no fb posting mandate to share these, and my presence on them.

On that tip, I am currently trying out both steemit and vero, links are below…

naughtinarian, for steemit…

Join me on Vero.

Join me on Vero.

Links to my blogs, one more time…

So, happy social media-ing folks, I’ll see ya in the funny pages!

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