Silk Socks For Mel. Go Ahead, Say Something.

Sharp dressed man

He had overalls, cover alls and sans a belt suits, which was kind of a hipster onesy of the day, but full length legs, not shorts.

Yeah, grampa was a pretty natty dresser, even in his work clothes.

The accoutrement of most import, however, was socks.

Grandad had silk socks, with calf garters. Nice socks, all the time, no exceptions. Almost never wore white socks, and never cheap ones.

You see, as a child, he went sockless for a while, thanx to the depression. Had to shoe polish his ankles to go to school, as socks were required. Seems he had a teacher that took pleasure in pointing out the poor and sockless. He Swore, as an adult, that his feet would never suffer such indignity again.

And he didn’t, silk socks, real deal, imported from Italy or France or wherever, silk socks. Not gaudily printed, or garish, just his little bit of luxury, for his feet. Not that he tried to hide it. Just well appointed, not ostentatious.

And dont talk smack about grampa’s socks… oh lawd no!

You can imagine his horror, then at the Miami Vice sockless trend of my teen years, the 80’s!

Grampa couldn’t stand it, drove him absolutely nuts…. he didn’t mind the wild colors, at least we were wearing jackets. And he didn’t care about neck ties… but “the socks boy! Put on some damn socks!!’

Miss that ornery old man, alot…


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