Disguised As A Middle Class

The festering fecundity

The render asunderty

The moral repugnancy

And self righteous profanity

That is The moral

non unanimousity

Oh what a pity

Burn down your city

Yeah baby

The nitty gritty

The fist in yer mouth

For your

Moral proclivity

Fuck your civility

Reserved only to those

With caucasiability

Yer good ol boy network

Your blatant nepotism

Your codified


Undercover racism

Your zoning

And funding

Your district



All of them

Institutional racism


as a Middle Class

just give

A little cash

And blow a little

Smoke up

The ass

Of the poor

White trash

And convince

Them to bash

Their allies alas

Keep the hood

Over their eyes

Say its a hat

Tell them lies

Too medicated

Too stupid

To Realize

Their unfounded


Will be

their demise


This is also published at my steemit presence… check it out


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