Video: Winner’s Baseball Shuffle, Avi Style!

Finally got to see one of Avi’s baseball games, and am proud to say I saw his very first fast pitch hit. Even better, it was a double, that easily would have been a triple, had he known what to do, had he ever got a hit before. I say easily, because on reaching first base, he jumped and landed, with two feet, on the base, in triumph. Took a couple seconds for him to realize he needed to keep going!!

So a stand up double, that easily could have been a triple. Blasted it low, right by third base, bounced on the infield, then out damn near to the fence. Real good shot, a guaranteed base hit shot.

Than he showed off his wheels, on the next base hit, taking it all the way home to score, on his teammate’s single.

Unfortunately, I didnt get any video of that. I was busy keeping eyes on the other two kids, going back and forth to the jungle gym, and watching from a distance. I Just dont even try juggling the phone when I gotta watch these two. Those of you with 3 and 6 year olds will understand.

Luckily, we were right by 3rd base when he got his hit. It was funny really, going from cheering the hit, to hollering directions, suddenly I was the 3rd base coach!

Gotta say it felt good, seeing his eyes lock to mine as I hollered coaching to him, the look telling me, he was getting right on it, and happy to hear it..

snf snf…


What I did manage to catch on video, was right at the end of it all, the celebration of their first win, and shaking of opponents hands. Avi had himself a free, uninhibited joy, boogie moment heading back into the dugout, that I had the privilege of catching on video… enjoy…

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