Not Assimilating Well

Why do I feel that I dont fit in here in Mammoth, Az?

I am NOT a slave to Jesus. Indeed I am openly dismissive of organized religion. That is putting it lightly.

I am extremely intelligent. Speak multiple languages. I am an environmentalist. A social justice advocate, an advocate fir change.

I spent 20 years as the boss head cracker in some of the toughest drinkin joints on the West Coast. I am a Veteran, hate Trump, and anyone that supports him.

Oh yeah…. Tweekers. I also hate tweekers. Feel they are a waste of air, water… and skin. Mammoth is up there when it comes to tweekers per capita, way up. 25% of the population, easy peasy.

I mean, there aint shit to do but drugs and drinking out here in the Devils Armpit, so it is hard to blame them.

I said hard to blame them, not hate them. Hating them is still pretty damn easy. Effortless, really.

Probably doesnt help that, from my laymans viewpoint, of course, that the San Pedro River Valley, which actually starts on the other side of the Mexico border, is a drug smugglers wet dream.

Ive seen this movie before. I know what I am seeing. I know the tweekers pocks and st vitus dance antics. I know meth is a serious problem here…. epidemic…

So yeah, not quite fitting in

making it worse? My wife is attractive…. quite, blond and blue eyed, former dancer. She also works nights at the local mini mart.

Turns out these drunken catholic married, conservative miners, have the same morals as their douchebag in chief. Yup! My wife is adamant about her marriedness, to no avail, she is constantly being hit on by , both sober and drunken, married men. Single men too. She has literally gone to purposefully dressing dumpy and frumpy, no makeup, for work, to no avail.

Still, guys who have been told repeatedly, continue to try. They go so far as to impugn and disparage me, who they do not know, in hopes to make a play.

One creep went so far as to earn himself a protective order from the courts, for his stalking behavior. Seriously, these fuckers are ridiculous.

Some of these fuckers are known to pick up hitchhiking neighbors, or dates, and abandoning them out in the desert if they don’t put out. Yeah, and with no repurcussions.

Seriously, cops, lazy, on the take, or both. Wife had to go back to court a second time, just to get the judge to force the police to enforce the order. They wouldn’t pick him up, slow response, or no reponse at all, to trespasses. They even tried to bully my wife into letting them, the police, modify the restrictions. Which, by the way, they cannot do, even if my wife was willing to drop the restrictions. Only the judge can do that.

So yeah…. not fitting in, and far past trying. Trying to move instead.

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