Red Wok Chinese Buffet, Family Affair, Part One “The Civilized Ones”, #redwokbuffet #familydinner # dadlife

Red Wok Buffet,, was good, pretty darn good actually. My only suggestion, stick with what ya came for, Asian food.

Enchiladas, Pizza? You can microwave it better at home. Everything else, the Chinese, the Pan Asian, the sushi, good stuff. Nothing “holy crap! im gonna write my friend in Hong Kong about this!”, but pretty good fair all the same.

As a bonus, it came with a show at closing time, as a bunch of tweeked out hoes on bicycles showed up to buy late night lefftovers grindage by the pound.

Seriously, the restaurant sells to go tubs by the pound, and ya know what, tweeker hoes know a good deal, I guess….

No, I took no pictures of them…. i shoulda, I know, sorry….


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