Goofy Jaxx… Gramma, She Got Yer Hat! #dadlife #Goofy #Disney

My mom got this hat maybe 20 years ago, I think it was on a trip to Disney world, not sure though. I remember when she came home, and I politely accepted the gift. I wasnt really snowboarding anymore, or I would have totally rocked it. But I took it. It is a cool hat.

She really thought the hat was neat, as she would say, and I could tell that she was disappointed that all the other kids(my siblings and their kids)were too embarrassed to wear it , much less accept it. She must have had a hard time understanding these reserved, children snd grandchildren… Mom, you might say, was pretty outgoing….

Anyhow Mom, all is well. My kids love it, especially your little Mini Me, Aeshna Jaxx, she ‘freakin loves it!’, as she likes to say

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