Can Ya See The Loathing?

No? I sure can, but then again, I was there. I know what this visit was like. I remembered the whole keeping up appearances, dint be rude she is still your mother mentality.

Big mistake, ya know. I mean knowing what I know now, ya just dont feed into narcissistic behavior. You either barricade awy from it, or you slap it down quick as it comes.

We did neither

No, gramma was humored. Hell she was feared in that family. I think, for the secrets she weilded… and wielded them well enough to keep a lid on her own secret, well after her death.

Her secret went to the grave with her. I just resurrected it with dna.

Yeah, gramma was a spiteful, serpent tongued conniver. It was wrapped in a honey tongued, Southern Belle kinda way, but it was made hard and evil, perhaps by the depression and dust bowl ruining her teens and 20’s, I dont know.

I just know I was hated and resented, because I was the son of the one woman on the planet that wouldn’t cow tow to her. That woman also had a passion for genealogy, knew gramma had a secret, and wasnt gonna be polite about it.

Oh, and that look on gramma’s face? That is the look of a woman that has just been told by her son, that one comment about his wife, and she can pack her shit and go home, mother or know….

… just for the rest of the story

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