ElectrAeshna, Jaxxtapositioned with “Grammas Hat, Boring Need Not Apply’ #poetography

Cool treatment of a pretty cool kid, rockin Grammas crazy hat.

that smile

That hat

Not something

That could be worn

By a cat


That hat

Was grammas hat

And that

Is that

Boring need not apply

Oh my!

If you dont have

The gumption

Dont have

The stones

Dont put on that hat

Just go home


The one

The one rule

Here applies

Never wear

A hat

With more character

Than you

This hat,

This hat

Is for me

and mine



Yet devine

You’ve not

Possed of

The moxie

Nor the style

To wear it

For even

A little while


This hat

Is not for you

Not for the boring

The Staid

The Stuffy

Or the shrew

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