Oh my twisted kids! #twistedkids #dadlife #monsoonmadness

Oh my twisted kids

After some crazy time at the end of a monsoon storm, ya know how kids can get with rain and mud puddles… Milo man was the first to pack it in, get cold and head inside. Now mommy made sure to be clear about it, that if he came in and Changed clothes, he was done outside.

All was cool, until the rain actually stoped a couple minutes later. Ya see, the termites/winged ants had been flooded out in their burrows, and were coming out to escape the cavern flooding, and of course to dry their wings. This caused a veritable bug airlift amongst the puddles in the yard.

Now Milo, is probably the buggiest of my bug loving children, at least lately. So , missing out on catching these critters wasnt going over well with him.

Little sister Aeshna, knowing her brothers distress, at not being able to see the bugs, knowing how much her brother loves bugs, came up with a solution, she brought him a waterlogged termite of his own.

She brought it in to the kitchen and gave it to him, in her angelic little voice, saying, “it was in the water, we saved it. It is for you Milo”.

Now of course, Mommy, who just minutes before had declared that none of those termites flying around where to be coming in her house, melted

Aaaawwww… as Milo and thanked his sister… “give her a kiss Milo.” Mommy said.

Of course, the little cuties, with no camera about, obliged in angelic fashion…

This further melted Mommy, as she reached for a jar for Milo’s termite…. which was now in the house, and apparently staying….


i jabbed….. imitating my daughter someday in the future, or in some sitcom,

…”here brother, I got you a termite, cuz I love you. It’ll go great with these Kudzu plants I got ya…”

My twisted kids.


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