Realign, Redesign, Repurpose. #reuserecyclerepurpose #dadlife

This old dresser here had seen better days. It was a flip top desk, that my dad had for decades. I know it is pretty old, given that all the screws in it originally had flat headed brass screws.

I myself have had it for two decades or more, and it had fared well until a few years ago, when it started its tour of duty as furniture for my sons.

Those duties, left it pretty frayed. Broken drawers, having been shoved in to full, too often. Knobs spun off and lost, etc. No real graffiti, but it was a skeleton.

In fact, it was seriously considered, though I hated the idea, that it might be time to let it go. To break it down, and dispose of it.

The thought killed me. It was bad enough I felt I had let dad down. He really liked this dresser, and when he gave it to me, he was reluctant to do so, admonishing me to take good care of it.

But I just couldnt get rid of it. It was still solid, just had hashed drawers.

Looked at it for a while, then realized, if I shaved the drawer fronts, I could make them short shelves.

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