Improvising Sun Protection In The Devil’s Armpit. #dadlife #redneckology # improviseadaptovercome #reuserecyclerepurpose

Well, down here in the devils armpit, we are looking at another 105 degree day … and unfortunately, with more than a little humidity to make it just awful, thanx to the monsoon season.

Making matters worse, we are down to two 5000w window air conditioners, from the already inadequate three we had for out little 3 bedroom place.

And, not that a swamp cooler would be any real use above 95 degrees(they aren’t!), but ours is dead. Now that isnt a surprise. It’s inefficiency had us only using it to as an industrial fan to blow heat out of the house after an absence, but as of a couple weeks ago, that is no longer an option, the motor died.

So being down to those two little coolers, I decided I needed to shade the house from the blasting afternoon sun. It really cooks the West side of the house, which unfortunately, means it slams the bedrooms.

Had a bolt of green and white striped canvas, and just went all Bedouin Boy Scout on the back side of the house. My idea, was informed by the privacy screens I remember from the yard of some old nudist hippy neighbors from my childhood.

Ran them between the carport, the swampcooler and then a laundry/tetherball pole on the other side.

It just looks like it is right on the house, but it is about 8-10 feet away, like a privacy fence or a sunshade. This will keep the direct sun at the hottest part of the afternoon, off of the walls of the house, for the most part.

Shade screens, for the house…. looks a little like a sail on a ship…. which fits this Piratical household just fine…

Aaaaarrrgh! #dadlife #redneckology

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