QuesaDacos… Tacos Gordos, or… Fat Wallet Tacos #tacosgordos #dadlicious #dadlife #FatWalletTacos

So a quicky dinner was needed. It had been oppressively hot all day, so we were reticent to heat up the kitchen to cook anything.We had been making it on sandwiches and microwavable snacks all day, so a decent dinner was in order now thst the sun was down and things had cooled off a smidge.

Started in on some simple small quesadillas, then decided to under fry them, and fold them up for some fatty cheezy tacos.

Added some more cheese, and a little dsh of tabasco to a can of chicken breast I shredded up, and had my filling.

Had some bagged salad in the fridge, so tada!

Tacos Gordos!

Or….. they kinda look like a fat wallet, salad falling out like money and receipts.


Fat Wallet Tacos!

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