RIP Mama Duck, And Other Fails #dadlife #toadfail

Rough week for the animal husbandry side of the home and home schooling, though lessons learned.

Lost two whole batches of tadpoles, apparently learning how not to foster tadpoles to toads. We’ll see how things go with the next batch, it is supposed to rain today.

As for the ducklings, very sad news. Mama duck, died of exhaustion….. though we tried and tried, she just wasnt very good sbout her self care.

Didn’t help that our dog, upon finding an unviable egg mama duck had pushed out, found that eggs are delicious. She later found the eggs unattended, and took them all.

Mama had started over with another clutch. I am sure this extended nest sitting, snd the torture of the dog still being about, led to her demise as well.

We tried to save her, wife going so far as to introduce fluids by injection, but it was too late.

Ya just cant get behind on yer water here in the desert.

#dadlife #toadfail

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