I’ve Been Shot By A Fart Guitar! #FartGuitar #dadlife

It was rough house and tickle time with the kids the other night. Now, Milo flies into this game with mock horror, and wants nothing more than to be caught and squeezed. He really is my huggy lovey kid. First one out with a morning, or goodnight hug.

So as I was spinning him around on the couch, tickling him, I got him into air guitar position, and started to rock out the tickle song,

He was giggling and laughing, not even struggling. Then I went into the belly drum. Had him halfway upside down, again, like I was playing air guitar, cupping my hand and drumming on his belly.

Still giggling, it happened, that butt, aimed right at my face, cut loose with some feedback of it’s own!! Right into my face man, and yes, pretty sure my mouth was open.

I hollar out, in mock indignation,”Oh my God, I been shot with a Fart Guitar!” And the giggles, erupt. At that moment, the punch line moment, the other two kids had reentered the room, meaning the laughter and merriment , and the continuation of tickling and roughhousing ramped up even more.

Careful whom you tickle, little gasbag might just go off!

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