Victory, For The Persistent Little Prick! #poetography #PersistentLittlePrick

Remnant of

A battle won


A battle

Where the opponent

Became a meal.

Utterly Defeated…

and literally



And de-headed

And yet

And yet

The meal won

In the end.

Left it’s mark

Its calling card

A subtle little prick

Of a reminder

A prick

From a prick

A nuisance

Barely a morsel really

Like eating Chinese Food

He was hungry again

In 30 mins!


barely worth


but for the prick

from that prick.

Drove it hard

He did

Little fucker

drove it home

Shoving deeper

Rather than run away

Knowing full well

His own end

would be the result

Of his vigilance

His death

Was as certain as

The morning

Following night



If he was successful

He had hoped

He could teach

This monster

That not all

go quiet

Not all

die easy


Some intend

On leaving their mark

On defiance

In the face of defeat

Because ya never


really know

This hero

Became a snack

But his lance,

That prick

from a prick

Was the beast’s

eventual demise

A demise


Hoped for

But never dreamed

And certainly

Not the way

Any had foreseen


The prick

Of the prick

In its stick

And its stay

Gave infection

A way

Into the beast

It weakened

the limb

Made its strongest

Its least


But living

And cranky

No less

A challenger came

To give him a test

Smelled the weakness

Saw his chance

Took his shot

Took the test

A battle vicious

A battle fraught

But in the end

For both naught

For though

The challenger

Did indeed win

His reign

Was short lived

For the King

Gave his own

Best last spin

With his dying breath

And the heart

If the challenger

Was in two

Cleft clean

From two beasts

To none

By god

The little prick won

Saved his kind

His people

His valley

A sacrifice

A stubbornness

A lesson

For the ages

How two

great beasts

were driven

to destroy

Each other

By one




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