The Devil’s 10%. #poetography #dadlife #TheDevils10% #TheDevilsTenPercent

The Devil’s 10%

spin spin

Little booger

Looks angelic


like sugar

All is not

As it seems

Though rays

Of sunshine


out of her


There is

A dark side

To the toddler

To the ever

So cute daughter

Temper tantrum

Oh hell yes

Screeches ungodly

and Unholy messes

But when

she dances

With those

golden tresses

Spins so cutely

In her dresses

Hard to see

The looks that kill

The stubbornness

The iron will

The little demon

Behind the

angelic shell

That piercing scream

From the depths of hell.

Now she aint

All evil, No

She is 90% angel

But even so

Gotta give

the Devil His due

That other 10%

Can sure shine thru!

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