The Lone Star Motel, @ 3707 East Van Buren, Phoenix, Maricopa, Az, In The 50’s. My Great Grandad Died In Front Of It In ‘51.#EastVanBuren #MiracleMile #LoneStar

I mlhave been trying to learn more about the circumstances of my great grandfathers death by automobile back in 1951 on Phoenix Arizona’s Miracle Mile, East Van Buren.

Indeed, it was this motel, the Lone Star Motel, that he was hit, and died, in fro of

Chester, Earl Shumate, d. Jan. 3, 1951, Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, 11:23 a. m. From being struck by an automobile on Van Buren St. ( 3707 E. Van Buren St.)

Tried to see if I could find the old police or accident report, but it seems Phoenix PD only has records back to 1960. But, I bet, there is something somewhere. Just need to find the right museum, repository or Mormon genealogist.

Not sure if this old sign is there now… Apparently the motel was still operating as a weekly motel or studio apartments into the early 2000’s, but is now but a vacant lot.

I imagine we may try to drive down and look at the empty lot when we are in Phoenix for the Oregon-ASU game at the end of November, maybe leave some flowers or something.

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