I Made The Paper On April Fool’s Day, 1968

My wife was doing some cleaning and sorting, and found my baby book… wow! I mean, I havent looked at this thing for decades. It has simply sat patiently at the back of my file cabinet.

This below is a clipping from the Santa Cruz Sentinel, April 1, 1968, my great gramma Nettie Rose’s local paper.

Now, they got it a little wrong. First, they misspelled my first name, it is Alan, and second, they flipped my cousin’s and my birthday, he is the older one.

But it is still pretty cool. I didn’t realize these kind of announcements were still being done in ’68. I had seen them before in historical newspapers, but thought the custom was gone by 1968. Thought the world was already a bit too jaded for that.

Then I really noticed the date beyond the prank holiday. , April 1st, 1968, 3 days before the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Certainly would have got jaded after that, with Bobby being assassinated shortly thereafter.

Guess I now know where I was the day Martin Luther King Jr was killed. It was in the paper.

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