My Baby Book, From The Spring Of ‘68. THAT Spring of ‘68

Yes, more from the long lost baby book

Some thoughts on what I found…

Cold crossed out and political added for the war in Viet Nam…. this is interesting. You see, it wasnt being called a War yet, certainly not by it’s supporters. I t was a ‘conflict’, not a war.

So my mom,, by calling it a war, and calling out politics and our cold war with the Soviets in the Spring of ’68, reveals she was not a big supporter of the war.

I don’t think she ever protested, but dad was a Vet, with a chip on his shoulder Against the Army and the DoD, for the way they treated him. So they sure weren’t supporting it.

Negro Riots? Wow mom. But again, given the times, you were trying hard to be pc weren’t ya? Given the way the N Word was thrown around back then. No, she was not a user of the term, she hated it. But I am not going to lie for her snd say that she loved black people.

She wasn’t so much a racist back then, she didnt want them to have any fewer rights or privileges, she just wasn’t raised around many, and didn’t feel comfortable around them, She was worse about Phillipinos!

But again, not so much a racist, just very unfamiliar with integration. It did get much better with time. Given all my mixed and minority friends in High School, she didn’t have much choice, I kinda shoved it down her throat.

what the world needs now, is love, sweet love

Just as true now as it ever was, huh?

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