Welcome To Pisserdise, Sang Milo… #timingisnotacityinchina #dadlife #welcometopisserdise

So, Avi comes into the kitchen, shortly after Mommy had got home from work, to tell her about an ‘incident’ with the kittens.

Seems they had felt REALLY relaxed while he was bottle feeding them. I mean Reallly relaxed. And apparently, it was fairly synchronized relaxation, as both kittens managed to pee on him before he knew what was happening.

Shoulda seen his face when he told me right after it happened… anyway, as he is winding up his story, mommy, kinda laughing, replies,”welcome to parenthood Avi, welcome to parenthood”.

And then, without missing a beat little Mr Milo piped in from the other room, with this spot on sing songy zinger,

“Welcome to Pisserdise!”

To the tune of Green Day’s Welcome to Paradise…..

Everybody died….

that boy has timing baby!


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