Ripped Off Like A Like A Bad Fuckin’ Prom Dress #tweekederos #AsThePoleTurns

Some dialogue for an upcoming project…

“Shut the door man”


“Shut it”

“Ok ok what”

(Dude shaking head)


(Points to the package in his hand)

“What this? what about it?”


“Yer sayin he ripped me off?”

“Like a bad fuckin prom dress man.”


“What? Shit, you even laid there thanking him for it like a drunken runner up for prom queen!”

“He wouldnt do that, hes cool, he is my buddy”


“Seriously. Why do you think that?”

“Cuz that is what I would do, thats what all of us would do, it is what you are supposed to do to chumps.”Pt barnum was right man, one born every minute its totally true” The question isn’t whether you were born a sucker, you probably were. The question, is whether you stay one. You seem committed to staying one”

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