Things We Do To Entertain Our Kids, Sometimes Become Lessons Out Of Spite, lol #dadlife

Little sister brought me this fat little heart earing, just the one, as a gift… awww… what do ya do dad? Ya put it on of course, if you can…

Now I was sitting and helping my oldest with homework when this happened. So, I took it, thanked her profusely, and, while turning back to look at homework, started to put it in my ancient piercing of my nose.

Now the four year old was fascinated… the eight year old was mock wretching at the sight if daddy shoving a metal object into his face.

So here I am with this big silver heart sticking out of my nose, when my wife confuses the kids with her”, Argh, I hate you”‘ yet laughing, upon seeing it.

Had to explain that Mommy’s skin is very sensitive, and she has to be careful to keep stuff in her piercings, or they will close. Daddy, on the other hand, leaves his piercings empty, quite literally for decades at a time, and can wear jewelry in them whenever he wants.

So, Mommy is Jealous…. It’s not really hate…

So, a little sideshow entertainment, then a lesson in semantics… all in the day of a stay at home dad.


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