Peeestola… Speaking Texican Spanglish, While Committing Crimes, Is Doubly Criminal #tweekaderos #AsThePoleTurns

(Bandits #1 and 2, after stealing sleeping Spanish Cop’s gun from him)

Bandit 1

Mistola Pistola

Me Stola Pistola

Mi Sto La Pistola

Su pistola


Tu pistola?

Oh fuck it!

Hands up fucker,

‘Fore I shoot ya

wit yer own gun!

bandit 2

Really man?

Your use of the language is a bigger crime than stealing the fucking gun!

(Takes pistol from bandit one)

Where did you get to be so stupid?

(Walks up to confused, still half asleep in his chair cop)

Is this genetic, or did you work at this shit?

(Pistol whips cop, renders him ‘sleeping’, again)

See? That there had more respect for that mans dignity and culture, than your butchering of a beautiful language. Fuck dude!

(Bandit 2 stalks away, motioning for bandit one to come on)

Seriously man, now at least a mean motherfucker broke his jaw. You made it sound like Barney Freakin’ Fife got the jump on him…. cmon, lets git… fuckin’ moron!

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