Corned Beef n Cabbage Sammies… #dadlife #dadcancook

This was a case of, “what’s in the fridge, that is gonna go to waste soon?” Decision making.

Had some forlorn and lonely cabbage, more than half a head, that was destined for chicken feed if we didn’t use it soon.

And it was a little past being useful for tacos, so….

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Steaming cabbage is very forgiving of the toughness inherent with aging cabbage. Add some onion, pepper flakes, some garlic, and just steam it.

The corned beef was in a can, sue me! This was a quickie, what can we make to avoid waste lunch, not a gourmet one!

And the rice? Just a side dish from leftover rice snd new seasonings….


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